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Thank you for keeping essential transportation moving during COVID-19

If you need an exchange, call Sonia at (800)227-8278

Please know we disinfect all equipment before delivery 

and follow safe practices for your health and ours



Because we're the best in the business.


In 1965 we built our first Quick Start battery booster.  At the time, we were the only battery jumper company in the automotive industry.  Since then, we continue to innovate and lead the way to keep pace with the times.  We provide the best portable automotive battery boosters and booster service in the business. 


with service to match

Office Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

​1-800-22-START (800-227-8278)
Or International


Anaheim, California, USA

Manteca, California, USA

Bilton-Rugby, England, UK



  • 1000 Cold Crank Amp Battery

  • Starts Up to 30 Cars Per Charge

  • Long Lasting Polyethylene Case (no more dents and scratches)

  • Month to Month Rental / Service Agreements No long term contracts required.  If you're not happy with our service, why be tied to a long contract.

  • Regular Service Checkups by our qualified  Quick Start Reps

  • 24 hour Exchange Program - Call 800-22-START when your battery booster  needs immediate attention.

Our Customers


​- Dealers - Auto & Truck

- Wreckers - Auto & Truck

- Gas Stations

- Body Shops

- Car Washes

- Dealers - Boats / Ferry Services

- Light Aircraft / Helicopters

- Police / Fire Departments

- Service Fleets

- Any place you find a dead battery 

  or a need for SIMPLE SAFE RELIABLE

  alternate 12/24 volt power supply

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